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appliance repair Newark

Appliance Repair Newark

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerators in the home are designed to keep your food products at a safe temperature until they are ready to be consumed. When these units fail to maintain that temperature for any reason, it is time to get in contact with the expert technicians at Appliance Repair Newark. Our knowledgeable specialists know a thing or two about offering refrigerator repair in Newark, NJ. We service all makes and models and we always respond quickly and professionally.

We place a lot of emphasis on refrigerator repair because we know how hard these units must work to operate efficiently. If your unit is working correctly it should run until the preset temperature is reached and then stop cooling until the temperature begins to rise. If the unit does not shut off in intervals, or does not kick back in as designed, then it should be examined by a professional. At Newark Appliance Repair we know what makes your refrigerator tick and we will provide fridge repairs at a very affordable price.

We Are the Refrigerator Repair Specialists

When we say we fix all types of refrigerators; we meant it. Our professionals have the skills and experience to repair bottom mount fridges and top mount fridges as well. Before we come out to provide repair we will always ask some questions about your problem. Your answers to our questions will help us determine which replacement parts to bring with us. In either case, we carry a variety of quality parts on our trucks at all times.

Our factory trained technicians will service side-by-side refrigerators and French-door refrigerators in your home. We have a successful history of providing outstanding service on these products. The temperature of your fridge should never fall into what is known as the temperature “danger zone.” The danger zone is between 40-140F. At this temperature bacteria will multiply and eventually make your food unsafe for consumption. When your unit breaks down immediately pick up the phone and call Appliance Repair Newark to fix the problem.